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  • Business & Pleasure Tia Siren

    9BPBook Information:Grant Jacobs. S*x god in a suit. My new boss. He’s my dad’s best friend. The man I’ve been crushing on since high school. Now the hunger in hi

  • The Marriage Pact Tia Siren

    Information:Eleven years ago, I made a pact with my best friend: If we were still single at 35, we’d get married and have a baby!Brad was funny, cocky and insanely s*xy. Hanging

  • Fake it Baby Tia Siren

    rmation:I’m back to adopt my sister’s baby girl. My sister’s best friend wants her too. She hates me. Too bad she’s stuck with me. Because a fake marriage is our only c

  • One Night Baby Tia Siren

    formation:Emily’s looking for the father of her child. I’m searching for the mystery woman who rocked my world one night. I never thought I’d find her – or the surp

  • Love Next Door Tia Siren

    formation:“I accidentally told my psycho ex that we’re engaged…”That’s not exactly what I had in mind to do with my new neighbor. The minute Scarlett crossed my driveway,

  • Love Accidental Tia Siren

    nformation:I’m her billionaire boss. She’s the woman who stole my heart. Our love was accidental. So was our baby. But now I’m going to take what’s mine.I didn’t see this

  • Save Me Tia Louise

    ts to kill. She does not fall in love. She does not get captured.Mason “Mace” Moscaretti can retrieve the worst of the worst. No capo or drug lord is too clever to escape him.

  • ZAHIR Theodora Taylor

    mation:Dude, it was just one kiss. ONE kiss.But kissing in public isn’t allowed in Jahwar. And now I’ve been compelled to give the King of Jahwar my hand in marriage.He

  • LUCA Theodora Taylor

    SIN:B07B9MJ1WBBook Information:Blind legal eagle. Mafia Don ex-husband. What could possibly go oh-so-wrong?Books by Author:Theodora Taylor BooksPart IDancing In The DarkStrangers I

  • AMBER Theodora Taylor

    mation:The Thrilling Conclusion to the Ruthlessly Obsessed Duet!Since our divorce, my ex-husband has morphed into one of the most powerful crime bosses on the eastern seaboard. He&

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